Our Favourite Pro Race Videos

We're going through a weird time right now, and with no immediate end of social distancing in sight, most of us are transitioning to our new lives in self-containment. We're likely all facing more time riding the trainer than we were hoping for, so here's a collection of some of our favourite pro races. The idea is to be able to watch some of these while you spin away in your basement. Hopefully they help get you through these dark days. Stay safe, everyone. We'll see you on the road again soon!

(Note: We've linked to Youtube videos, and many of them don't show the full race. If you're crafty/resourceful, you'll know where to go to find the full content.)

Carson Mattern: 

I have always loved watching this race and I am always at the edge of my seat when other track races play out in a similar fashion. With only a few points to his name and less than 4km to go, Cam Meyer makes a late-game move. If he takes the lap, he is World Champion but if he doesn't make it around, he finishes in the bunch. This is a do-or-die situation and with the stakes so high, it makes the whole thing that much more exciting!


Dylan Bibic: 

Steve Bauer has been my greatest inflence. This race had a very intense finish.My 1st love is Road then track, this race combines both.


Matt Sherar

I think it was Cavendish that said this race is the easiest of the classics to finish and the hardest to win. While the vast majority of the race is uneventful, the finish certainly makes up for it.


Adam Millar

Tried to go for an alternate choice that you may not have seen before. The bulk of the race is pretty average, but the finish is incredible. No spoilers here; just watch it all the way to the finish line. I'll admit, it's my dream to win a bike race like this guy does.


Geoff Chambers-Bedard

I can't pick a favourite, but the 2015 Amstel Gold Race is a strong contender; narrow roads, hundreds of kooky corners, short and sharp climbs, cross winds, and wacky Dutch road furniture make this a thrilling event. The 2015 edition was no different, but is an example of reduced bunch sprinting masterclass by one of the best tacticians in the professional ranks.


Jeremy Rae

I come from a track & field background where the Olympics is king. There's something special about an event that happens once every four years. The finish circuit in this race proved to be absolute carnage.

 (Full race replay can be found HERE

Connor Gregory

Love this race, suits a wide range of skill sets, and the finishing group of this race is exactly that. Pure racers finish, only thing missing is bad weather. 


Ayrton Dick

Countless moments of excitement, and an unlikely victor


Mike Little

One the first races I got really into. I was watching a great online series at the time, "Beyond the Peloton" which is still one of the best series to watch as a bike racer.


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