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A little bit about Ascent Cycling

Who is Ascent?

We are an eclectic bunch united by a passion for road cycling. Ascent Cycling is comprised of Junior, Elite and Masters riders with the goal of racing throughout Ontario, Quebec and the northeast United States under a collective identity. We began in 2017 as five and have grown to 23 riders in 2020, spanning the age spectrum from 17 to 50 years old.


What does Ascent hope to achieve?

Our mission is to create a sustainable cycling program that supports amateur cyclists by providing a fun and supportive environment that fosters growth as individuals and collectively as a team. Importantly, we strive to be a positive presence in our local cycling community and aim to give back to the ecosystem that shaped each of us into the characters we are today. 


Created by our incredibly talented team rider Chris Monette, our Elite riders open up on riding, racing and the team's culture.

Ascent on RIDING 

Ascent on RACING


Ascent on CULTURE