Team Roster 2018

Ayrton Dick

  • Hometown: Toronto, ON
  • DOB: July 31, 1987
  • Best Result in 2017: A handful of mediocre E3 results; do club ride city-sign sprint wins count?
  • Favourite Race: Ossington Crit in front of the hometown crowd
  • Favourite Drink: Sour Beer
  • Fact: weightlifter-turned-cyclist; can also crochet a mean toque
  • Hobbies Outside Cycling: 
    skiing, sailing, dog-walking

Derek Oosterveen

  • Hometown: Beamsville, ON
  • DOB: August 7, 1992
  • Favourite Race: Niagara Classic
  • Best Result in 2017: 1st Niagara Classic (E3) Helping a teammate finish 2nd at Green Mountain Stage Race
  • Favourite Drink: Hot Chocolate
  • Fact: I have a diploma in Sports Management from
  • Niagara College
  • Hobbies outside cycling: Relaxing at home watching a good game of football or soccer after a tough ride

Eric Johnston

  • Hometown: Barrie, ON
  • DOB: February 23rd, 1995
  • Favourite Race: KW Twilight Crit
  • Best Result in 2017: 11th Rochester USA PRT Criterium,  4th KW twilight, 7th Crit Provincials (1st U23)  
  • Favourite Drink: Joe's & IPA's 
  • Fact: Part Time Maritimer, studying at Dalhousie University, 
  • Hobbies outside cycling: Coffee, Cooking, & Sports anything 

Geoff Chambers-Bédard

  • Hometown: Toronto, ON
  • DOB: November 27, 1992
  • Best Result in 2017: From Cat 4 to Cat 2 in 2 races (Yes, actually 2 races)
  • Favourite Race: Tour d'Via Italia
  • Favourite Drink: Dale's Pale Ale
  • Fact: Used to be a runner, also gets sendy on a snowboard. Current Law Student at Osgoode Hall
  • Hobbies Outside Cycling: 
    Snowboarding, cooking, clean chains. 

Keith Broulliette 

  • Hometown: Barrie, ON
  • DOB: December, 1993
  • Favourite Race: Rochester twilight Criterium
  • Best Result in 2017: 13th Rochester PRT, 1st @ some cat 3's
  • Favourite Drink: Coffee
  • Fact:  Criminology degree @ Ottawa U, & currently working with Shopify
  • Hobbies Outside Cycling: Hockey, Cooking, Reading, Video Games

Mark Brouwer

  • Hometown: Burlington, ON
  • DOB: June 4, 1990
  • Favourite Race: Green Mountain Stage Race
  • Best Result in 2016: 3rd at Provincials Road Race, 2nd at Provincial Time Trial
  • Favourite Drink: Guinness
  • Fact: Full time bike nerd, I’ve worked in the industry for 6 years.
  • Hobbies outside cycling: Building wheels

    Mike Little

    • Hometown: Toronto, ON
    • DOB: April 23, 1986
    • Favourite Race: Ossington Crit
    • Best Result in 2017: 6th Good Friday 
    • Favourite Drink: Coffee, Craft beer, Bubbly water
    • Fact: Urban Planner by schooling, I work in Power System Event Management for a local Hydro Company
    • Hobbies outside cycling: Skateboarding, Watching other sports – baseball, hockey, playing goal (Hockey), Spending time with my wife, friends, and family

    Simon Fothergill

    • Hometown: Hamilton, ON
    • DOB: May 14, 1995
    • Favourite Race: Tour de Battenkill
    • Favourite Drink: Good cup of coffee or a cold beer
    • Best Result 2017: 2nd u23 Provincials 
    • Fact: Business student at the University of Guelph, 
    • Hobbies Outside of Cycling: Cooking