2020 Ascent Masters Roster

DOB: January 16th, 1981
Favourite Race: Steve Bauer
Favourite Place to Ride: Somewhere hot and hilly. 
First Bike Race: MGCC Bridle Path. That counts as a race, right? 
Proudest Moment on the Bike: Not one in particular, just all the awesome places I get to ride and see with my buddies. 
Pro Cyclist You Most Resemble: Sagan, of course. 
Go-To Race Strategy: Whatever cap tells me to do. 
Non-Cycling Hobbies: Husband, father of three girls, and salesman.
Thoughts on Zwift Racing: No interest. 
Why Cycling:: Washed up pro hockey player. Needed a new sport to obsess about.
DOB: March 31st, 1980 
Years racing bikes: 9
Favourite Place to Ride: Mallorca
First Ever Bike Race: Midweek Crit
Pro Cyclist You Most Resemble: Phillipe Gilbert
Proudest Moment Off the Bike: Arrival of Kai
Ideal Post-Ride Food: Beer and Pizza
Day Job: Working for software giant SAP
Reason You Got Into Cycling: To scratch my competitive itch
DOB: August 7th, 1975
Favourite Race: GMSR
Favourite Place to Ride: Mallorca
Proudest Moment on the Bike: 2nd place at Springbank. 
Pro Cyclist You Most Resemble: I hear I look like Thomas De Gendt. 
Go-To Race Strategy: Can't win if you're not prepared to lose. 
Biggest win: Still waiting on that one. 
Secret to Happiness: Beer, bikes, and coffee. 
Thoughts on Zwift Racing: Makes me feel fat. 
Why Cycling: Couldn't ride dirt bikes anymore, and I certainly wasn't gonna start running. 
DOB: April 2nd, 1973
Current City: Toronto
Favourite Race: P2A
Favourite Road: Latigo, Malibu CA
Proudest Moment on the Bike: Beating Peter Disera at Steaming Nostril. 
Pro Cyclist You Most Resemble: Tony Martin
Proudest Non-Bike Moment : Birth of three kids, marrying my wife, saving a life. 
Go-To Race Strategy: Helping squad, long solo ride off the front, animate, make the break, make the race hard. 
Day Job: Head/Neck/Microvascular Reconstructive Surgeon at Sunnybrook Hospital. 
Why Cycling: Get in/keep in shape and Ironman took way too much time. 

DOB: January 28th, 1970
Years Racing Bikes: 20
Favourite Race: Anything that I finish. 
Favourite Road: Passo della Stelvio, incl the Umbrail. 
First Ever Bike Race: The High Park Road Race (1986)
Proudest Moment off the Bike: My kids
Go-To Race Strategy: "Break anchor". Wait for the sprint. Unleash. 
Biggest Win: Back to back Niagara Classic and KW
Non-Cycling Hobbies: Filmmaker, photographer, giving my unsolicited opinion (can I tell you how I feel about the Rise of Skywalker?)
Why Cycling: Evil Knievel. At 6 years old, I couldn't own a motorcycle, so a bike had to suffice. 
DOB: October 24th, 1969
Years Racing Bikes: 30
Favourite Road: Tiny Beaches Dr. 
Proudest Bike Moment: Helping Sean Boileau win the O-Cup series in 2019. Also, my bronze at Masters National Crit Champs in 2016. 
Lifetime Total Bikes Owned: 23
Proudest Non-Bike Moment: Watching my kids and my partner Sasha compete at the things they love to do. 
Go-To Race Strategy: Find the quiet spot in the pack, try to stay invisible as long as possible. 
Day Job: Getting people 150 000 people a year active with the Sport & Social Group, playing music with my band.
Thoughts on Zwift Racing: Anybody who craps on Zwift never had to ride a wind trainer in 1991 watching 4 year old Tour de France coverage.
Why Cycling: Keep me fit for rugby, and because Steve Bauer was a golden god.

DOB: April 19th, 1969
Favourite Race: Long, twisty, turny and hilly. 
Favourite Place to Ride: Long, twisty, turny and hilly. 
First Ever Bike Race: Workers Compensation Crit in the 70's. 
Pro Cyclist You Most Resemble: I wish there was an iota of resemblance. 
Proudest Moment off the Bike: Watching our children grow into independent citizens. 
Go-To Race Strategy: Wear them down anywhere you can. 
Biggest Win: Pisgah Stage Race 2019
Day job: Run a not-for-profit building employment market for people with autism and similar neurodiversities. 
Thoughts on Zwift Racing: How do they start so fast?
DOB: February 10th, 1969
Favourite Race: Green Mountain & Steve Bauer
Favourite Place to Ride: High Park
Pro Cyclist You Most Resemble: Cross between Sylvain Chavanel & Steve Bauer
Favourite Road: Local- Forks of the Credit. Ever- Spine of the Dragon, Mallorca. 
Proudest Moment off the Bike: Working up the courage to get back on the bike & supporting a community of artists stay employed & inspired. 
Go-To Race Strategy: Get in the break, get in the break, get in the break. 
Ideal Post-Ride Food: Ice cream. 
Non-Cycling Hobbies: Music, photography, film. 
Secret to Happiness: Never stop learning, never stop listening.