2019 M1 Roster

 - in order of cumulative life experience - 

Goes by: Bans, Bansaw, The Saw, Saw, Sizzy
DOB: January 16, 1981 (Still a young gun?)
Hometown: Toronto, ON
Current Residence: Toronto
Cycling/Athletic Background: Washed up pro hockey player who needed a new sport to obsess about.  Started riding in 2012. Took a while to figure out that doing bicep curls twice a week wasn’t making me faster.
Rider Type: Rouleur?
Favourite Race/Ride/Segment:  Love the Bagel and Bridle Path beat-downs.  Haven’t raced enough to have a favorite race.
Favourite Food/Beverage: IPA’s and more IPA’s.  
Off-bike interests/job: I work in sales. I like tattoos.  When not cycling I’m in survival mode with the four girls in my life: wife, new born, 3 and 5 year olds.

Goes by: Sykes
DOB: August 7, 1975
Hometown: Dorchester, ON
Current Residence: Toronto
Cycling/Athletic Background: Grew up as a motocross racer….transitioned to road riding in 2011 because I was getting old and fat.
Rider Type: I climb ok…and can roll a break pretty well.  Just don’t ask me to sprint :-)
Favourite Race/Ride/Segment: Green Mountain Stage Race / MGCC Bagel loop
Favourite Food/Beverage: Any burger is good with me/ Beer and coffee are pretty much a tie here.
Off-bike interests/job: Pretty much all of my off bike time is spent chasing a toddler around.  I work at RBC as a digital product manager building Direct Investing web/mobile solutions.

Goes by: Higger
DOB: Paleozoic Era aka Master B (April 2, 1973)
Hometown: The Six
Current Residence: Toronto
Cycling/Athletic Background: Boston Marathon, Ironman, then realized there is only one true sport.
Rider Type:  MAMIL as well as puncheur who can ride a decent TT.
Favourite Race/Ride/Segment:  Either P2A or Steve Bauer Classic.
Favourite Food/Beverage: Guinness
Off-bike interests/job: Crazy hockey dad of three boys in the G; surgery on the side.

- CHRIS MONETTE -              
Nickname(s): Moner, Moné, Monet, Topher, Daniel Day Lewis, Tom Cruise, Ben Stiller.
DOB: January 28, 1970
Hometown: Toronto born and raised (bleeds blue and white).
Current Residence: Toronto
Cycling/Athletic Background: Anything involving lycra: ski racing, rock climbing, aerobicise (not to be confused with jazzercise). Anything 2-wheels since age 6 including Evil-Knievel-esque homemade jumps.
Rider Type: Climber...in a Sprinters body, which unfortunately doesn’t make me much of a climber.
Favourite Race/Ride/Segment:  Race: Lake of Bays (RIP);  Rides: Col du Paileres, Stelvio, Sella Ronda.
Favourite Food/Beverage: Pizza / Coffee
Off-bike interests/job: Commercial filmmaker that dabbles in fine art photography. Two roommates who speak sarcasm fluidly and done clean up after themselves. Opinionated. Verbose. Immature.

Goes by: Tom, Tommy, Nesbitt
DOB: 02/10/1969
Hometown: Strathroy, ON (population 10k)
Current Residence: Toronto / Roncesvalles
Cycling/Athletic Background: BMX to Road to Mountain to Running to Mountain and back to Road. Always a bike commuter and beer league hockey devotee.
Rider Type: 100% rouleur, always working in my climbs.
Favourite Race: Crits and anything that that doesn’t go up more than down; favourite rides are MGCC Ellis and TB’s Tainted Butterfinger.
Favourite Food/Beverage: pizza / soda water
Off-bike interests/job: I run a production company that produces film and photography for advertising. I am a recovering musician, a hopeless romantic and I love pretty much anything to do with cats.

Nickname(s): The Gorilla
DOB: April 5, 1969
Hometown: Montreal, QC
Current Residence: Toronto, ON
Cycling/Athletic Background: Exercise contestant since ‘08: I’ve tried MTB, CX ,Track, Triathlon, Road. Crits and TTs were the only things that made sense to me (and triathlon, shhh).
Rider Type: Domestique, Time Trialist
Favourite Race/Ride/Segment:  Caesar's Head, TNTT course, Escape from Alcatraz bike course, My favorite races no longer exist.
Favourite Food/Beverage: Pizza/Cherry Coke
Off-bike interests/job: Family time is important to me. Insurance broker specializing in credit protection for commercial transportation.

Goes by: Rol
DOB: October 24, 1969
Hometown: Edmonton, AB —> Chilliwack, BC —> Cambridge, ON
Current Residence: Toronto
Cycling/Athletic Background: lifelong athlete focused on rugby, wrestling, cross country running and track in high school. Love of cycling started with BMX that slowly moved into mountain biking, then road racing at 21 and just fell in love.   Still love to play ultimate frisbee and tennis, but my body doesn’t love it as much.
Rider Type: Rol-luer.  I love trying to figure out how to win on any course.  And the first competition you have to win is the one that goes on in your brain.  “Bike racing is not an exercise contest.”
Favourite Race/Ride/Segment:  Favourite race is the Steve Bauer Niagara Classic; Favourite ride is wherever good people are!
Favourite Food/Beverage:  Bacon, Burgers, Chicken Wings, Venison; Coffee, Cola, Beer
Off-bike interests/job:  My kids Cassidy, Andie and Dax; My partner Sasha who lets me see what champions look like up close. Keeping a few hundred thousand people active by working with Sport & Social Group; Music.

Goes by(s): Alan; Al for those close to me.
DOB: April 19, 1969. (Yes, I’m an Aries)
Hometown: Toronto
Current Residence: Toronto (High Park)
Cycling/Athletic Background: Cycling since my parents got me a light blue Coppi 3-speed flat bar hipster ride at about 6 years old. Competitive sailing for much of my late teens and early twenties. Started mountain bike racing in the late 1980’s and got into road racing around 2011.
Rider Type: Not much of a sprinter unless it is late in a really long and hard race.
Favourite Race/Ride/Segment:  Tight and twisty single track
Favourite Food/Beverage: Belgian style beer works any time
Off-bike interests/job: I am married and have three active boys and I run a not-for-profit that focuses on enabling jobs for individuals with autism, or for those facing similar challenges in the employment market.