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On Saturday June 13th, Adam and Jeremy will be Everesting Sydenham Road in Dundas, Ontario. This means they'll be riding up and down the hill until they reach the cumulative height of Mount Everest, which is 8848m. For every climb they do, they'll be donating $1 to the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion and the Canadian Race Relations Foundation.

As a side challenge, Jeremy will also be trying to set a new Canadian all-time best, which stands at 12 hours, 37 minutes, while Adam will be riding to 10,000m elevation gain. 

If you happen to be riding through Dundas that day, Domestique Cafe has reopened in a pop-up format. They are at the corner of Sydenham Road and Park St. Grab an espresso and say hi!

We’re encouraging others to take on their own Ascent Challenge. Find a local hill, ride up a bunch of times, and donate a corresponding amount to one of the charities we’ve suggested or any other cause you feel strongly about.

We're really looking forward to this challenge. Hope to see a few of you (from a safe distance) on Saturday June 13th. We’re planning to tie in some giveaways and prize packs for people who participate in their own Ascent Challenge. Hoping to see a few of you pick some organizations that are meaningful to you, and then suffer by riding up some hills. Tag us on Instagram or Strava with any progress that you make. The Ascent Challenge can be completed on June 13th, or any other day that suits you.

Check back here for more information throughout the week. 

Links to the organizations that we like, or have mentioned above:




Who: Adam and Jeremy, along with a few others from the Ascent Cycling team. 

What: These two will be Everesting Sydenham Hill, which requires going up and down the same climb until they reach 8848m of cumulative gain (the height of Everest). 

Where: Sydenham Hill, in Dundas (just outside of Hamilton). The hill is also known as "Clara's Climb" after Clara Hughes, an Olympic cyclist and speed skater who frequently used the hill for training. Hamilton also hosted the World Cycling Championships in 2003, and is well known by local cyclists for its great terrain and roads. 

When: June 13th, All Day. Jeremy will aim to start around 8am, and it should take him between 9-11 hours. Adam will be starting around 6am. 

Why: Jeremy will be raising money for the Hamilton Centre for Civic Inclusion. Adam will be donating to the Canadian Race Relations Foundation

How Can I Get Involved: We'd love for people to take on their own Ascent Challenge. Pick a charity or cause that you believe in. We've offered some suggestions, but the point is to choose something that really appeals to you and motivates you to work hard. Then, find a local hill and ride up and down as many times as you can. Donate a corresponding amount. Tag us on social media for a chance to win some prize packs. 

Can I come Cheer?: Yes. If you live locally, feel free to stop by and cheer us on. Please keep social distancing rules in mind while doing so (max group size of 10, 2m apart). Also, stop by the new Cafe Domestique at the bottom of Sydenham Hill (now in a pop-up format in the parking lot behind the BMO). 

Can I Ride Alongside? The road will be open during the challenge, so anyone's free to be riding up and down the hill that day. However, we ask that everyone follow government guidelines (max group size of 10, 2m apart). 

Didn't Read, Tell me Where To Send My Money: If you can't participate in your own Ascent Challenge, donate to this or this organization. You can also donate to some of the organizations we support below. 


Aside from the events above, Ascent is a proud and ongoing supporter of several charities. Please consider directing your donations towards these organizations: