2019 Ascent-MGCC Elite 1/2 Roster

*** 2020 Roster Coming Soon ***

(Youngest to "Most-Experienced")

Goes by: Dylan
DOB:  August 3. 2003
Hometown:  Streetsville, ON
Current Residence:   Streetsville, ON
Cycling Background:  Baseball was boring so I bought a bike off Craigslist.
Rider Type:  Rouleur
Best Result:  1st place CAT2 Chattanooga River Gorge RR
Favourite Race:  Centurion & Midweek Late race
Favourite Food/Beverage:  PB&J sandwich 
Hobbies & Interests:  Uni-cycling, suburban exploring, and all things Nintendo.
Fun Fact: Honour Roll Student at Steeetsville Secondary.

Goes By:  Ric, Ricky, E.J.
DOB:  February 23, 1995
Hometown:  Barrie, ON
Current Residence:  Collingwood, ON
Cycling Background:  Always ripped around the ‘hood as a kid until joining Camp Hardwood and doing my first MTB race. In 2014 I decided I wasn’t ready for uni and joined a couple buddies in California for the winter where I learned how to “train”. Addicted ever since.
Rider Type:  Aggressive
Best Result:  3rd at 2018 Preston Street Criterium in Ottawa
Favourite Race:  Niagara Classic;  Tour of Terra Cotta (RIP)
Favourite Local Road:  County Road 9 past Noisy River in Creemore
Favourite Food/Beverage:  Sour IPAs, Pizza (aka 'Za), Tacos
Fun Facts: I have a twin brother; Dalhousie University grad

Goes by:  Gas-Chamber, GCB, Horse-man, The Chamber, 36 Chambers, Gee-off
DOB: November 27, 1992
Hometown: Thunder Bay, ON
Cycling Background: Quarter-life crisis and/or desire to wear and be seen in spandex.
Rider Type: Large, heavy, and labouring. 
Best Result: Finisher of the Donut Ride. 
Favourite Race: Something flat. 
Favourite drink: day-old Mio Sport. 
Hobbies: Sweating inside, procrastinating, short-pants. 

Goes by: Millar, Millar Time 
DOB:   December 11, 1992
Hometown:  St. Catharines, ON 
Current Residence: Downtown Toronto
Cycling Background: Former lightweight rower at the University of Pennsylvania; cycling was my way of cross-training. I rode leisurely for a few years before succumbing to peer pressure and trying my hand at racing in 2018.
Rider Type:  Can outsprint most climbers? That's about it.
Best Result:  KOMs on Ellis Ave and Bayview Extension. Plus a few wins in E4/E3, and 4th at Blue Mountain Centurion in 2018.
Favourite Race:  Kitchener Twilight GP
Favourite Local Road: Effingham Road
Favourite Beverage:  A well-made cortado 
Fun Fact: Competed in my first bike race in 2005: the Liberty Bicycles Squeezer MTB race!

Goes by: J-Rae
DOB:   May 19, 1991
Hometown:  Fort Erie
Current Residence:   Downtown Toronto
Cycling Background:  Spent a few years as a pro runner. After too many injuries, I bought a bike and haven’t looked back. 
Rider Type:  Grimpeur / Puncheur
Best Result:  2nd overall at GMSR & KOM jersey (Cat2). 
Favourite Race:  Steve Bauer Classic or GMSR.
Favourite Food/Beverage:  Pizza + Belgian wits. 
Hobbies & Interests: I’m a teacher, I work part time at a running store, and I have a very time consuming hobby (cycling). I have no time for anything else. 
Favourite Places in Ontario to ride: Niagara Region or Renfrew County. Anywhere with good punchy climbs really…
Fun Fact:  Adam Millar and I raced each other on mountain bikes in 2005 and I beat him by 26 minutes. 

Goes by: Connie, Coco, @es_conito 
DOB:   November 4, 1988 
Hometown:  Toronto 
Current Residence:   Downtown Toronto 
Cycling Background: Washed up hockey player turned bike messenger at age 24; bought my first road bike a few years later. 
Rider Type:    Lazy Pursuiter / Wannabe Sprinter 
Best Result:  Canadian Cycling Cover Model, December 2018 
Favourite Race:  Silver Goose CX 
Favourite Local Road:  Twyn Rivers, Scarborough 
Favourite Food/Beverage:  Jerk chicken / Miura Cold Brew 
Hobbies:  Raves, Raving, Rave Music 
Fun Facts:  I went to high school in California, speak quickly from too many podcasts at 1.5x, and don’t own a carbon bike. 

Goes by: A.D.   
DOB:   July 31, 1987 
Hometown:  Toronto 
Current Residence:   Downtown Toronto 
Cycling Background:  My good pal Jon convinced me to buy a road bike in 2012. First first race was in 2014 which I did NOT enjoy! Became a 'morning person' with MGCC in 2015 and quickly improved to earn myself a spot with Ascent in mid-2017. 
Rider Type:  Domestique.  Also a Chatteur? (I talk too much in the peloton) 
Best Result:  I once came 2nd at Centurion Blue Mountain because nobody good showed up. 
Favourite Race:  Paris-Roubaix from the couch. 
Favourite Food/Beverage:  pizza / French Pinot 
Hobbies & Interests:  skiing & hockey in the winter, sailing in the summer; my wife Emma and dog Lucy are my biggest fans. 
Fun Fact:  Learned to crochet at the ripe age of 16. 

Goes by:  Mannerz 
DOB:   September 23, 1986 
Hometown:  Holland Landing, ON 
Current Residence:   Downtown Toronto 
Cycling Background:  Took a liking to racing in 1999 at the age of 13 and moved up the pro ranks as a U23 (Espoir); member of provincial & national team programs. A long hiatus from cycling during 2008-2016 until now-teammate Mike Little convinced me to return to racing and eventually to join Ascent in 2018.   
Rider Type:  An underachiever that relies on crafty riding all while hitting an extremely high HR. 
Best Result:  It was difficult to come by high level results but his best experiences were being able to race against some of the world's best professionals a young age. 
Favourite Race:  Rochester Twilight GP; Favourite Punishing Course: Tour of Gila, Gila Monster Stage. 
Favourite Food:  Mexican
Hobbies & Interests:  Exercising daily, hockey, skiing/snowboarding, cafe rides, reading and history. 
Fun Fact:  Was in a frat during University (likely explains his hiatus from cycling). Was at one point ranked #97th in the world by UCI points as a U23 (Espoir)...keyword ONCE! 

Goes by: Uncle Mike
DOB:   April 23, 1986
Hometown: Newmarket, ON
Current Residence:   Toronto
Cycling Background: Hurt my knee as a younger man (boy).  Bought a single speed bike in my early to mid twenties, got interested in cycle-touring and then, thankfully, racing.. 
Rider Type: Grown man; 
Best Result: By a fluke, I beat Jeremy Rae in a Time Trial
Favourite Race:  Rochester Twilight; Ossington Crit (RIP), Springbank (RIP)
Favourite Food/Beverage:  Pizza / Bubbly water-enthusiast
Hobbies & Interests:  Karaoke, reading, the occasional video game, spending quality time with my lovely wife
Fun Fact:  I was a hockey goaltender and can (probably) still do the splits.