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2022 Ascent Elite Roster

DOB: February 24, 2004
Years on Ascent: 3
Favourite Race: Hayman Classic.
Favourite Road: Mineral Springs Rd, Dundas
Favourite Place to Ride: Anywhere warm, but not too warm (not too cold either)
Pro Cyclist You Most Resemble: Marcel Kittel
Biggest Win: World Junior Scratch Race. (Editor note: NBD)
Non Cycling Hobbies: Shopping for project cars that I have no intention to ever buy (944's especially).
Fun Fact: Family dog, Enzo, howls at bikes races to cheer me on. 
-Mitchell Robinson-
DOB: January 20, 1999
Years on Ascent: Rookie
Favourite Race: Bromont Crit
Favourite Place to Ride: Kawarthas
Pro Cyclist You Most Resemble: Sonny Colbrelli
Go-To Race Strategy: Going full gaz. 
Non-Cycling Hobbies: Cheffing it up, canoeing. 
Favourite Meme Account: @trollcyclist
DOB: February 14th, 1996
Years on Ascent: Rookie
Current City: Whistler/Aurora.
Proudest Moment on the Bike: Riding the MTB triple crown with only a front brake.
Lifetime Total Bikes Owned: 8.
Favourite Road: Indian River Dr, North Van.
Favourite Place to Ride: Collingwood, ON. 
Pro Cyclist You Most Resemble: Alex Bogna
Biggest Win: Seymour Hill Climb.
DOB: April 14, 1995
Years on Ascent: 3
Favourite Race: Something not too hilly, but not too flat. 
Favourite Road: Desert Lake (Kingston)
First Ever Race: Philly Flyer, 2015
Proudest Moment on the Bike: Finishing GP Saguenay. 
Go-To Race Strategy: Early break + cramp ~20km from the finish
Biggest Win: I won my first ever race (see above), never happened again. 
Secret to Happiness: Having no strange clicking sounds coming from bike. 
DOB: December 11, 1992
Years on Ascent: 4
Proudest Moment on the Bike: Geraint Thomas waved at me on the Pacific Coast Highway. 
Pro Cyclist You Most Resemble: Eddy Merckx... jk obviously MVDP
Lifetime Total Bikes Owned: Road- 7, All- 13... I think. 
Proudest Moment off the Bike: Seeing my dad handcycle 50km at the Fall 50 this year. 
Biggest Win: Detroit Cycling Champs 2019, 3rd. 
Secret to Happiness: Potato Starch
Thoughts on Zwift Racing: Inefficient use of time and money.  
DOB: November 27, 1992
Years on Ascent: 5
Favourite Race: Something flat/windy. 
Favourite Road: Mapleward Road, Thunder Bay. 
Proudest Moment on the Bike: Did a tail-whip over a log on my CX bike. 
Pro Cyclist You Most Resemble: Any pro who looks too large to be a pro cyclist. 
Lifetime Total Bikes Owned: Too many (someone please buy my old bikes). 
Go-To Race Strategy: Haute trash talk. 
Non-Cycling Hobbies: Existential crisis. 
Secret to Happiness: See above. 
DOB: May 19, 1991
Years on Ascent: 4
Favourite Race: Green Mountain Stage Race 
Pro Cyclist You Most Resemble: One who consistently underperforms. 
Proudest Moment off the Bike: NCAA title in the DMR. 
Ideal Post-Ride Food: Shorty's Pizza.
Secret to Happiness: Stealing KOM's from Mark Brouwer. 
Thoughts on Zwift Racing: Hate it, Love it, Hate it, Love it. 
Non-Cycling Hobbies: What?
Fun Fact: I sometimes teach at Carson's high school, it makes me feel so old. 
DOB: April 9, 1991
Years on Ascent: 3
Favourite Race: Preston St Crit
Proudest Moment on the Bike: Finishing a 312km, 4400m elevation fondo with suspect GI issues. 
Pro Cyclist You Most Resemble: A retired Mario Cipollini. 
Go-To Race Strategy: Waiting
Biggest Win: Any group ride wearing a t-shirt. 
Non-Cycling Hobbies: Good fits, rock climbing, techno. 
Fun Fact: I used to be a triathlete, but I can handle my bike. 
DOB: November 4, 1988
Years on Ascent: 4
Favourite Race: Paris to Ancaster
Favourite Place to Ride: Don Valley Trails
Proudest Moment on the Bike: Commuting on the Bloor St. bike lane
Pro Cyclist You Most ResembleLuca Paolini
Go-To-Race Strategy: Staying in the night before. 
Thoughts on Zwift Racing: No thinking required. 
Biggest Win: High Park Crit Series 2017. 
DOB: March 13th, 1987
Years on AscentRookie
Favourite Race: Gastown
Favourite Place to Ride: Tucson, AZ
Proudest Moment on the Bike: 2018 Giro di Burnaby
Pro Cyclist You Most Resemble: Alexander Kristoff.
Go-To-Race Strategy: Breakaway. 
Proudest Moment off the Bike: Losing 100lbs. 
Ideal Post-Ride Food: Coca-Cola
DOB: September 23, 1986
Years on Ascent: 5
Favourite Race: Rochester Twilight (or Gila Monster). 
Favourite Road: Mount Lemmon. 40km up, 40km down. 
Proudest Moment on the Bike: Was once ranked #97 in the world by UCI points for U23. 
Lifetime Total Bikes Owned: Yikes... I'd prefer not to answer this. 
Proudest Moment off the Bike: Opening my very own bike shop, Detour Cyclery!
Go-To Race Strategy: Avoid the early break. 
Thoughts on Zwift Racing: Mike just showed me how to turn it on!
DOB: April 23, 19(xx)
Years on Ascent: 6
Favourite Race: Midweek. 
Favourite Place to Ride: Greenville, SC
First Ever Bike Race: Niagara Classic, many years ago. 
Proudest Moment on the Bike: This one time when somebody complemented my calves. 
Pro Cyclist You Most Resemble: Fred. 
Go-To Race Strategy: Lack of self-control. 
Non-Cycling Hobbies: Seeing new stuff with Kelsey
Thoughts on Zwift Racing: Fun way to push yourself & kill some time on the trainer.