Skratch Labs 2017

unnamed We are really excited to announce our sponsors and supporters line up for our 2017 campaign. Over the next few days we will be writing a quick blurb on each of our sponsors, so you can get a bit to know about the support group helping us. With the Canadian winter starting to come back with a vengeance over the last few days, many cyclists are starting to plan snow bird trips however possible. Mark, Eric, and Simon have somehow all weaseled their way out of their responsibilities and will be heading down to California for parts of February. Thankfully California isn't experiencing the same levels of drought as they had seen 12 months prior, yet if they did we may have been able to just squirt the occasional bottle of Skratch to give the good ol' soil a helping hand... On second thought, it tastes way too good. Skratch Labs, and Race Day Fuel will be our nutrition supporters for the 2017 season, and we couldn't be more excited. A big part of our goal is to have products, and people around us that have similar mindsets both on and off the bike. Please stay tuned for more upcoming announcements!

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