California Dreaming - Part 2

Eric Johnston and Simon Fothergill's words from the road.

Eric's trip got off to a bumpy start, spending 20+ hours in MTL airport, after being delayed in Halifax overnight, then to top it off his bag didn't show up until the next day. After all the travel delays were finally over we were faced with the hard news that yes, it does rain in California, as the state was going through it's heaviest storm of the year. Not helping the spirits were numerous social media posts from friends back home, posting temperatures close to 20 degrees and dry roads (Hamilton Winter Training camp next year?).  To look on the bright side California is officially out of their prolonged drought, which is much more important than a couple guys in spandex trying to ride bicycle's fast.


Old La Honda Road

After a couple mentally enduring rides in sideways rain, the skies cleared up, and the rest of the trip was fantastic. We made the best of our time here, rain or shine we put in the miles, and it was a pleasure to explore new roads. That being said, Northern California has had some of the most interesting roads and scenery that either of us had ever explored. Whether it was single lane mountain roads surrounded by redwoods, the silhouette of San Francisco from the top of Mt.Tamalpais, or rolling farm roads like home, this area had it all.

The technical descents and torrential downpours of rain have been putting the bikes (Cannondale Supersix Evo) to the test, but the Cannondale rigs have been handling whatever we can throw at them. A common phrase on our rides is "F#@K I love this bike."

FYI the weather in Southern Ontario might be nice, but the no-mans land style farm fields are not quite up to par with some of our views.


 Eric Navigating his way through the landslide aftermath in the Santa Cruz Mountains

Being true Canadians, we felt that the only proper way to end our trip was to see the Leafs face the Sharks. The Leafs may have lost in an almost unfathomable way, but the game itself did not disappoint, the 'Shark Tank' did not disappoint, and the San Jose fans were out in force.

We have arrived back home and couldn't be more motivated for the upcoming season. The first test of the year will be Good Friday Road Race, which has been a staple in the Ontario racing calendar for years. Keep your eyes peeled for our kits in the bunch. With that being said - our 2017 kit design will be released in the coming days and we assure you that it will be one of the sharpest kits out there thanks to our friends at Pearl Izumi.


(Left to right) Simon, Mitch, and Eric at the Sharks game. Thank you to our host Eric's brother Mitch for having us for two weeks... PS (Corona is not the beer of choice for this cycling team)