Alot Can Change in a Week

Between efforts on my training ride today (I couldn’t make it to the race)  I refreshed constantly until the results of the elite race came up, hoping my teammates did something special.

Two things special happened, Keith (new to the team) had won the cat 3 race, and now surely will be granted an upgrade joining the rest of the guys for his first race with us at Preston street. As I refreshed the results I was happy to see great rides from good friends and training partners Steve McKee and PJ (salad fingers) Kings finishing 1st and 4th, in the competitive Master 1 field.

Anyway the elite race finally finished and I was stoked to see my teammate and best friend finishing second in the U23 field and 6th overall. Don’t get me wrong I know better then anyone else how talented Simon is but honestly I was pleasantly surprised to see him race so well today and I don’t think he'll be too upset with me for writing this. Simon's new job has him working 6 days a week (yes 6 whole days) and he’s had some troubles transitioning to training, but based on this result there are a some big things to come in the near future for Mr Fothergill.

Lastly I thought I should note that I’m currently writing this blog post roadside on my cell phone while I wait for my mother to come pick me up as I flatted a tubular. Yes I was out training with tubulars (insert Master joke here) and got a flat mid ride. The circumstances of this flat did leave me particularly angry as I had some choice words for the driver surely from North of Barrie who polished off a full bottle of Bombay before heaving it onto my go to hill repeats climb, giving me a flat mid way through the interval session. Cheers buddy.

Lastly before Simon gives his words on how he saw the race, Id like to bring this back to last weeks post and note that he has recently been getting into several Timbits at work, and I know by first hand experience Trevor doesn’t shy away from Timbits himself either……..Yes these boys finished 1st and 2nd today so I think the Timbit train is coming and I got to hop on soon if I want to get to the finish line first.



Simon's words from the road

I know what you are probably thinking, didn't I just finish reading the last blog. Well I am sorry to disappoint but we are back again. You haven't heard much from me over the last couple of months. Let's put it this way the beginning of my season has been what some would call: shit, poor, dissappointing, "why is Simon so slow". Its funny while I was at school I kept telling the guys how much I was going to ride once I had finished. Now that I am experiencing what it is like to commute, work, ride and try to have some form of a social life. I just wish I was back at school. It has made me regret giving all those masters a hard time for not working in breaks, here I am begging for any sympathy I can get from people on the bike.

Enough of me complaining, time for the good stuff. I am not sure if it was Eric's podium last weekend, or the countless Timbits  I ate this week (100 Timbits in the lunchroom is a quick way to diabetes), but guess what guys this kid made the podium (and no it wasn't for first Asian this time). Going into today both Eric and Benny had been giving me a hard time for slacking on my rides. Ben had basically told me before today don't go in the break unless the U23s are there. The reason being that I was skeptical of my ability to roll through in a break for 100km+. So what do I do...find myself in a 140km break, at least three times today I said to myself "WTF are you thinking". Fast forward about three hours and I found myself duking it out with my good buddies Trevor O'Donnell  and Martin Rupes. Martin decided that he had spent enough time with Trevor and I for today, so he shake'd us on the final climb. I was able to scramble back up to Martin thanks to Dan Doddy. In my mind I was thinking PERFECT I can take Marty at the line, but next thing you know I see the Hustle boys chasing full tilt. Coming into the finish Trevor opened it up but I just didn't have the juice to finish it off. I ended the day finishing 2nd in U23 and 6th overall.


U23 Provincial Championship Podium (L-to-R Simon, Trevor, Martin) 

Today was a massive step in the right direction for both myself and the team as a whole. We are finally starting to get consistent results! When this group formed in the fall we had a goal of staying true to our identity, keeping it fun, all while tossing it out there on the bike. I can't explain how stoked I am to be racing with this group of guys. I have to give a big shout out to the guys who trusted me (dicey choice), the sponsors that keep us looking fresh and oh so clean, and Tim Horton's for those little fluffy calorie filled snacks!